Indoor pool at Sidney James Mountain Lodge

Top Benefits to Staying at Our Gatlinburg Hotel with Indoor Pool

If you are looking to make the most of your vacation in Gatlinburg, stay at our comfortable hotel with an indoor pool complex and sauna! This a great way to have a relaxing getaway while enjoying everything that Gatlinburg has to offer. Check out these top benefits to staying at our Gatlinburg hotel with indoor pool:

1. Rainy Day Activity

If you have planned an outdoor day of activities and mother nature has spoiled your plans, there is no need to be discouraged! Our indoor pool area makes a fantastic rainy day alternative for an afternoon of fun. Simply grab your bathing suit from your hotel room and come down to our indoor pool for a refreshing swim or to relax poolside with a good book. We even have a hot tub and sauna where you can kick back to let your stress melt away. Once the inclement weather has passed, you can head outside to check out our two outdoor pools!

2. Available in All Seasons

small child enjoying indoor pool at Sidney JamesIf you like to go for a swim while vacationing in Gatlinburg, you can do it year-round at the Sidney James Mountain Lodge! Our indoor pool is delightful regardless of what the temperatures are like outside, so always remember to pack your bathing suit. We can even get some cooler days in the summer months where you may prefer to swim in our indoor pool rather than be outside! If you are visiting in the winter, our indoor pool is a fun and unique activity to enjoy while the outside temperatures drop below freezing.

3. Kids Love Swimming

If you are traveling as a family with children, your kids will simply love our indoor pool area! If you ask any child about the highlight of their stay at the Sidney James Mountain Lodge, it will undoubtedly be the time spent in our pool! Let the kids splash around in the pool as you relax in a lounger, or hop on into the pool yourself to join in on the fun. Not only will your kids have a blast, but they will sleep soundly through the night after expending all that energy. This means that mom and dad can also enjoy a wonderful night of rest!

4. Free Entertainment

With our refreshing indoor pool, you have instant free entertainment at A family enjoying an indoor pool.your disposal! There is no need to travel to an expensive and crowded waterpark when you can enjoy the low key atmosphere of our pool area. The whole point of a vacation is to relax, so sleep in late and come down to the pool for an afternoon swim or cool off in the evening after a day in the sun. Your access to our indoor pool is free and unlimited throughout the duration of your stay at the Sidney James Mountain Lodge!

Check out our Gatlinburg hotel rooms to book your stay at our hotel! We hope to see you by the pool at the Sidney James Mountain Lodge!