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5 Great Places to Eat in Gatlinburg When You’re on the Go

Slice of New York Style Pizza
September 26, 2018

We think you’ve probably figured out that there’s an abundance of great things to do while you’re here. If you have a full itinerary of activities for your family to enjoy, you may not want to visit every sit-down restaurant. There are tons of great places to eat in Gatlinburg while you’re on the go, and we’ll show you 5 of these for quick eats!

1. Fannie Farkle’s

philly cheesesteak sandwich

Home of the famous footlong Ogle Dog, Fannie Farkle’s is an undeniable place for quick, quality eats for several reasons. The Ogle Dog is a corn dog that’s been a fan favorite for decades, but other fast finger foods are made there too. Their Cheese Steaks and Sausage Subs are almost as popular, and they make them within easy smelling distance of the hungry crowds on the Parkway for a quick pick-me-up!

2. The Donut Friar

Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, or a snack, The Donut Friar is one of the best places to eat in Gatlinburg for a to-go treat. They are super well-known for their donuts, but you can also get a quick sugar surge from their cinnamon bread, cookies, or a caffeinated cappuccino. There’s hardly a better place for a fast little stop in between your visits to the attractions in town than the Friar!

3. Old Dad’s General Store

ham sandwich with lettuce and tomato

Don’t be fooled by the fact that it’s mainly a convenience store; it’s also convenient when you want something close to a meal without waiting long. Old Dad’s General Store is known for being a great place to pick up a paper, drink, or snack, but past the registers to the right is a grill area with plenty of tasty sandwiches, deli meats, and sides. You can even make a large cold cut order for a day of exploring the Smoky Mountains!

4. Slice Pizza Bakery

Gatlinburg has become famous for their pancake houses, but pizza is a surprisingly excellent option as well! Slice Pizza Bakery is located in Arcadia below the Space Needle, and they serve an enormous slice of New York style pizza pie on the fly. The Italian heritage is strong here in this tourist location, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a better cheesy delight in sight. You may find yourself imagining you’re in a New York City pizza shop after one bite!

5. Burg Coffees

homemade biscotti in coffee shop

When you think of a coffee shop, you may not think it’s one of the great places to eat in Gatlinburg on your trip. You would be wrong in that assessment, as Burg Coffees has a lot of great coffee and food. Try one of their biscottis, or key in on their homemade quiche for a quick protein fix that’ll keep your energy elevated for the day’s jam-packed activities! You can also grab a bag of chocolate-covered espresso beans for a midday rush.

We think that now you’re realizing that fast food means really good food among the many great places to eat in Gatlinburg. If you want to get the most out of your visit, our hotel is also a fantastic place to refuel. Grab a spot with us by booking your room to feed all of your activity wishes efficiently!