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3 Gatlinburg Shows Near Our Hotel That You Don’t Want to Miss

Gatlinburg is packed full of fun activities for the family, and if you’re looking for the ultimate entertainment, there are Gatlinburg shows near our hotel that’ll check this box for you. The performers that the area attracts are some of the best in the business, and we’re going to detail 3 shows that you need to see during your vacation.

1. Impossibilities: Magic, Mindreading, and Mayhem

Known simply as Impossibilities, this Gatlinburg show is located just down the road from our hotel in Arcadia’s Iris Theater under the Space Needle. The performance is suitable for all ages and features plenty of tricks and mind-reading that’ll have you scratching your head. There’s also plenty of audience participation involved, so stay on your toes and ready yourself to be part of Erik Dobell and Chris Collins’ act. You’ll spend part of your evening laughing and applauding the magnificent displays of magic and mentalism that’ll end your day on a positively entertaining note.
To purchase tickets, ​visit their website​ to see when they will be performing. Showtimes are normally set for 8 in the evening, so if you want to see this dynamic duo in action, be sure to get your tickets soon!

friends laughing together in theater2. Comedy Hypnosis with Guy Michaels

Next on our list of Gatlinburg shows is another located near our hotel that’s just a short walk away. Comedy Hypnosis with Guy Michaels is a similarly entertaining show, but the difference with this one is the audience becomes the main attraction here. Certified hypnotist and hypnotherapist, Guy Michaels, takes you on a trip that brings your imagination to life, in which audience members engage in hilarious movements and sounds under his orders. This is an early evening show, and you can ​click here to purchase your tickets online. Seats are known to fill up fast, and since 2018 will be his final season here, you’ll want to grab them while you still can. This is a unique form of entertainment you can’t find everywhere.

3. The Biggest Little Show on Earth

The Biggest Little Show on Earth​ is arguably one of the best Gatlinburg shows that you’ll see when staying at our hotel. The MacPherson family started this series of historic, vaudeville-style comedy shows at Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre more than 40 years ago. And Don and Pat’s son, Chris is carrying on the family tradition as the headline performer in their many funny bits. The names of the shows — including this one — will change every year, but the classic skits that audiences find roaringly funny are carried on even with the changes in performers. Now recognized as a National Historical Treasure by the Tennessee State Senate, the theater itself is worth a visit. But it’s the rib-tickling humor that’ll make you enjoy 2 hours of your evening, so buy your tickets, or else you’ll miss out on the laughter!

There’s simply no other hotel in Gatlinburg where you can get this kind of comfort and convenience, all while being in a peaceful location away from the bustle of town. ​Book your room​ today for non-stop laughter and excitement on your magical stay.