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5 Reasons Guests Love the Private Balconies at Our Hotel in Downtown Gatlinburg

April 7, 2024

The Sidney James Mountain Lodge is not only popular for its affordable rooms and convenient location, but for all of the excellent amenities that our guests can enjoy! One of the amenities that our guests love the most is the private balconies that are attached to each of our hotel rooms! When you're searching for hotels with private balconies in Gatlinburg, look no further than Sidney James Mountain Lodge. Here are the top 5 reasons why guests love the private balconies at our hotel in downtown Gatlinburg:

1. Fresh Mountain Air

As soon as you get to the Great Smoky Mountains, you can just tell there is a difference in the air quality. Take a deep breath of the fresh mountain air and let the scents of the forest fill your lungs! The private balconies at our Gatlinburg hotel allow you to enjoy all this fresh air throughout your vacation, whether you are sitting outside in the morning with a fresh cup of coffee or lounging underneath the stars at night! Once you step outside and take in the fresh air, you won't regret choosing Gatlinburg hotels with private balconies!

2. Peaceful Atmosphere


Another reason why guests love the private balconies at our hotel in downtown Gatlinburg is because they offer such a wonderful place to relax! Our hotel is situated along the Historic Nature Trail, which is just about a half mile off the Gatlinburg Parkway. We are just steps away from the attractions, shops and restaurants of downtown Gatlinburg, but far enough from the Parkway to avoid all the pedestrian and traffic noise! This means that you can kick back on your balcony and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere on every day of your trip.

3. Gorgeous Creekside Views

Many of the rooms at our hotel in downtown Gatlinburg feature gorgeous creekside views from your private balcony! Peek down off your balcony to take in the scenery and listen to the gentle sounds of the flowing creek! If you are looking for some other ways to experience nature, enjoy a delicious lunch at the private picnic areas located by the mountain stream of our hotel! We also offer plenty of areas for you to walk around outside to stretch your legs!

4. Instant Weather Report

creekside balconies at sidney james

Whether you are heading out for a hike through Great Smoky Mountains National Park or for a stroll through downtown Gatlinburg, you probably want to know how to dress for the day. Gatlinburg hotels with private balconies allow you to easily check the weather yourself! Rather than relying on a weather forecast, simply step outside onto your private balcony to determine the weather conditions! This saves a tremendous amount of time having to run back to your hotel room to pick up a jacket or other clothing items.

5. Perfect Reading Spot

The private balconies at our hotel provide a perfect reading spot! Catch up on the latest novel from your favorite author or read through some Gatlinburg brochures to plan your week in the Smoky Mountains! You can also take advantage of our free wireless internet access to read up on current events or to keep in touch with your family and friends back home!

Check out all of the rooms at our hotel in downtown Gatlinburg today to enjoy private balconies and many other fantastic amenities! We look forward to seeing you soon at the Sidney James Mountain Lodge!